Home Congregations

We are aware of a growing Spirit-led movement of believers meeting in homes. And it’s global. We see this happening on three fronts and felt to share it with you.  On one front, this movement is massive in oppressed countries such as Iran, and also in Algeria, (from Charisma, September 2019, page 12). There is … Read More

A Few Words from the Lord

It was Sunday morning, February 11th when I awoke from a strange sleep. In my sleep I had seen words from the Lord. I could only see two words. The first word that I saw was, “Zechariah 10” and then the word, “NOW!” And this happened more than once. I had no idea what was … Read More

More Bible Mistranslations, Religious Myths, & Study by Jackie

People seek for the perfect Bible translation. There is none. But each one has unique strengths & weaknesses. Usually, it is a toss-up between accuracy and how easy it is to understand. When we are searching out certain things in the Word then we seek out the translations that are most likely to convey the … Read More

Is It Scriptural?

As we enter more into this age of Tabernacles we are entering into more Light. As we enter into this Light of Christ, we are starting to see things as we never have before. This is seen in our latest study which is a great delight to share with you. Hidden things continue to be revealed. … Read More

Bonnie Gaunt’s Last Writings Posted

Bonnie Gaunt passed away in 2012. Her life’s work includes the writing of 15 books, all of which have a focus on the astounding number of patterns in the Scriptures. These number patterns have been hidden in the Hebrew and Greek texts.  Here is how they have been hidden. For each of those languages, each … Read More

Now Posted: “The Clouds of Heaven & the Underground Church” by Jackie

For those of us who have followed Jackie Caporaso’s writings, she has a calling, and an anointing for that calling, to see things in the spiritual realm, and then to display for us how that plays out in the earthly realm today, both within us individually, within us as His Body, and with things happening … Read More

Jackie’s Latest Study & Others

Jackie Caporaso’s most recent study was posted to the website on November 1, 2017,  but this is our first chance to do a blog entry to introduce it. The title is “Zion & Jerusalem.” The main message that we gathered from it was that this is the time that God is waking up His bride, … Read More

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