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Lesson 14

The Marriage of the Sun & the Moon – Part 1

Scripture, Math, and Creation all have their own language of truth. The same message is spoken through all three. Together they echo a proclamation of a wedding announcement! So who’s getting married? Their identity is found in the symbols of the Sun & Moon, both given to us as “signs.”
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Lesson 13

The Stone Kingdom

For about 6,000 years people have dreamed and sought for a government (kingdom), where there is no corruption & no oppression. Many, such as Abraham, have sought to find a group of people where everybody works together to do the right thing in God’s eyes. It is called “a city wherein dwells righteousness”. Now as this Lesson shows us, we’re seeing it appear!
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Lesson 12

Natural Israel~Spiritual Israel & 2017

The year 2017 is a most significant prophetic year. 2017 is the culmination of many patterns & cycles found in the Bible. It all has to do with God’s Plan. The Word, natural Israel, spiritual Israel, and signs in the heavens & earth all point to 2017. We are seeing it andexperiencing it, but what does it mean? This Lesson lays it all out.
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Lesson 11

The Two Pillars

The Word emphasizes the distinction of Christ the Head & Christ the Body. Then the union of the two is emphasized. And what is the result? It is a “New Creation Man”...a people fully in His image. It is Christ Jesus seen in us, and us seen in Him. This timely Lesson reveals several of the prophetic types of this union.
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Lesson 10

The Two Works of Christ

The last lesson presented the two works of Christ. It then focused on the first work. This lesson continues with a review of the two works and then zeros in on the second of the two works. We’ll see this lesson loaded with examples that bring forth the Bible patterns of these two works.
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Lesson 9

Two Goats & Two Doves

There are two works of Jesus Christ. The first work is the work of atonement...the work of the cross. It did not end in resurrection, or even ascension, but in the sending of the Holy Spirit. But what is the second work of Christ? This lesson reveals both works through the sacrifice of the two goats...and the sacrifice of the two doves...and more.
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Lesson 8

The Incorruptible Seed Within

Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? Is there a purpose for my life? This lesson opens the word in a way that sheds light on these questions.
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Lesson 7

The Eight Milestones to Maturity

The three days journey that we learned about in the last lesson is explored in detail here as having eight landmarks from start to finish. These milestones are where we receive more vision, strength & insight for the walk to the next one. There are seven walks between the eight milestones. We see from the Bible what the milestones are & what the walks entail.
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Lesson 6

The Three Days Journey

Our growth into full maturity in Christ is clearly outlined in the Bible as a journey that takes three "days". This lesson displays each of those "days" using examples from scripture. This process is also seen as three ages. With the diagrams you can easily see that we are now in the transition between ages. See what's ending and what is beginning.
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Lesson 5

The Tabernacle

Moses was told by God to have the Israelites build a tent-like portable building. This was right after their exodus from Egypt. This "tent" was where God would "tabernacle" with the people. Every detail of God's plan was to be followed because it was a pattern of spiritual truths. These truths are revealed in this lesson.
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Lesson 4

The Eight Feasts

Religious tradition tells us that there are seven major feasts of the Lord. But the Word clearly shows that there are eight, not seven, and that one of those seven is not even one of the eight! Break from traditional thought to see what the Bible actually says in this lesson. Once truth is in the light then the concepts are clear as day.
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Lesson 3

The Four Realms

God created three realms. They each have darkness and light. They each are filled with clean and unclean living things. God is in the realm of the creator where there is no darkness at all. This lesson explains the spiritual significance of each of these four realms. Grasping this will unfold many Bible truths for you.
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