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The concepts are best understood by reading sequentially.
Starting with Lesson 0 - Introduction to the Lessons, God’s Plan...
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Bible Lessons

Lesson 3

The Four Realms

God created three realms. They each have darkness and light. They each are filled with clean and unclean living things. God is in the realm of the creator where there is no darkness at all. This lesson explains the spiritual significance of each of these four realms. Grasping this will unfold many Bible truths for you.
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Lesson 2

Three Steps to Resurrection

Reading and hearing the Word builds faith to begin a walk "in the Spirit," a way of greater spiritual insight. This opens doors to then see things in the Bible that were formerly missed. This new walk starts to build a hope of knowing the Lord in even a deeper way, a way of experiencing His resurrection life now. Learn all about it in this lesson.
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Lesson 1

The Two Adams

God's plan is to have a man in His image. Then to have that man multiply until they cover the earth. Then He wants to dwell within those people to express His character, nature, and love to all of creation. So what went wrong? Is God in control? If He is in control then could today's mess be part of His plan? This lesson clears the cobwebs.
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Lesson 0

Introduction to the Lessons:
“God’s Plan (Seeing the Big Picture)”

All of the Lessons are designed to help us to see the “big picture”...main Bible concepts. The Lessons are easier to grasp when one sees how they all tie together in the even bigger picture. The “bigger picture” is God’s overall Plan made plain & simple. This introduction to the Lessons spells out God’s Plan. The Lessons really shine when seen from this viewpoint.
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