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Lesson 15a

The “Law” … When Representing ‘Traditions of Men’

The word “Law” is used in most English Bible translations. “Law” however is a very misleading translation since the Greek word can refer to one of two very different things. This Lesson points out what those two concepts are, and details what one of them means. Lesson 15b will develop a step-by-step understanding of the other concept. Lesson 15c will focus on “works” related to both of the first 2-Lessons. 7-Pages
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Lesson 15b

The “Law” … When Representing ‘The Scriptures’

Here we learn what else “Law” may refer to; the written instructions/teachings that point in the direction to walk in the ways of God (Yah), the ways of Life. A few questions soon arise about this roadmap. Why? Has the path changed? No, but some of the road has been paved. Some high places leveled, & some low places made high; the highway for a set-apart people. Lesson c will then be the sequel to this & the previous Lesson. 9-Pages
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