More Bible Mistranslations, Religious Myths, & Study by Jackie

People seek for the perfect Bible translation.  There is none.  But each one has unique strengths & weaknesses.  Usually it is a toss up between accuracy and how easy it is to understand.  When we are searching out certain things in the Word then we seek out the translations that are most likely to convey the truths that we are seeking.  For example translations usually fall into different categories, such as literal, amplified, readable, or some combination.

Today, with more of His Light we are able to spot translation segments that are off.  That doesn’t mean that we throw away that Bible.  Every translation will be off a bit here or there.  Why?  Because it is a translation!  We have gone from one language to another, so how can it possibly be a perfect match?  Does that mean that we throw up our arms in despair and don’t trust any of them?  Our trust is not in a book, but the person of Jesus Christ.  He is the Word.  We must hear from Him.  The Bible confirms what He is saying.

As our relationship with Him grows then He guides us along in ever-increasing truth using the written Word in its various translations, His spoken Word, creation, other people, circumstances, dreams, prophecies, and so on.  Our walk is a wonderful adventure as the love deepens and our understanding grows.

These three new additions to “Bible Mistranslations” and two new additions to
“Religious Myths vs. Bible Truths” are to enlighten and encourage us on in further truth & understanding.  They are to shed light on meanings and to clear up misunderstandings.  May they be a blessing to you.

And we have posted Jackie’s latest study, “The Horses are Here!”.  As always we find her writings to be very insightful.  We love to share them with you.


Eric & Mary Elizabeth Ellis

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