Home Congregations

Home Congregations

We are aware of a growing Spirit-led movement of believers meeting in homes. And it’s global. We see this happening on three fronts, and felt to share it with you. 

On one front, this movement is massive in oppressed countries such as Iran, and also in Algeria, (from Charisma, September, 2019, page 12). There is clearly a world-wide awakening.

I’ve heard of one Christian ministry in Iran that gets 700 requests a day for information! The hunger to know Yahshua (Jesus), our Messiah, is burning in the hearts of those disillusioned with religious & political systems of fallen man. This fire for truth is fanned in home assemblies.

Another front is the “Messianic/Hebrew Roots” home-groups movement, predominantly in the United States & in Israel. The Jews are coming to see Yahshua as their true Messiah. Christians on the other hand are beginning to see and appreciate their Hebrew Roots, which reveal so much truth in the Word. The Jews are finding religious Judaism to be lacking the main point. The Christians are distancing themselves from the empty, erroneous, misleading religious traditions & doctrines of church systems. Each of the two groups are finding key elements in the other. The clean new baby is emerging as the bathwater is tossed out. These “Messianic Jews” and “Hebrew-Roots Believers” are typically meeting in homes. It is one aspect of the fulfillment of Ezekiel 37, where the rod of Judah & the rod of Joseph come together to become one new rod. It is a restoration of when Israel was one nation. It is a restoration of when the Jewish Apostles met in homes (since the murder of Stephen), to share about Yahshua.

There is an annual 7-day conference where both these Messianic Jews & Hebrew-Roots Believers find common ground. It is the Messianic Jewish Alliance. This year they hosted  many speakers from both sides, including Messianic Jewish David Brody, (a famous journalist & guest on major news media. He also wrote the recent book, “The Faith of Donald Trump”, which I’m enjoying immensely). It was fascinating to hear some of the CD-messages of the speakers of this gathering about what Yahovah is doing in Israel, the USA, & globally.

Yet, an additional front of home assemblies is exploding in growth, especially in the United States. It is all connected to discovering the mistranslation of “ekklesia” as “church.” The word “church” was purposely used for the Greek word “ekklesia,” because the ruling church leaders did not like the meaning of “ekklesia.” But that is a blatant mistranslation, though we’ve been taught otherwise. These two words have radically different meanings, (perhaps I’ll get to soon do a study on that in our “Mistranslations & Myths” section of our website, www.bibleconcepts.com). As we study the definitions of the two words, we see that “church” points to buildings, institutions, & religious hierarchies. “Ekklesia” however points to a ruling council, His Life manifesting in a people who take charge and bring effective change…salt & light…to rule in justice & righteousness. This change transforms culture, society, governments, and nations. 

This ekklesia home-congregations movement can be traced to Russell Wagner being stirred by the Spirit. Russ has spent many years starting home groups, and encouraging others to do the same. For those people wanting to be part of a home congregation, Russ encourages them to read 4 books by different authors on “Ekklesia.” (He has not written any of them, and makes no money from their sales.) I enjoyed reading the first two books, and look forward to reading the next one. He also has offered 12 free video sessions online. These books & videos are insightful resources for the home-congregations movement. 

To learn more, we go to his website at www.omegakingdomministry.org, which leads us to his training/resources page at https://HomeCongregations.org. Who is Russ Wagner? He is not a 501(c)3. Formerly a pastor, he is currently a friend with both Michael Ortega of www.strikeforceofprayer.com, and his close companion, Mark Taylor of www.sordrescue.com. (Mark is well known for his prophecies regarding current events in the USA & globally, and especially for his 2011 word that Donald Trump would be elected President. We also have all of Mark’s posted prophecies on our website.) So here we see a convergence of Light, a hub of the global phone prayer movement, the prophetic movement, and the home-congregations movement. These three men do not seek attention or control, and their services are all free. Rather, like Peter, James & John they embrace the role of servants with vision to follow His Spirit to build His Kingdom out of love for Yahshua. 

Our small part is to present Biblical teaching that focuses on seeing the “big picture.” We do this (also free), through our website, www.bibleconcepts.com. In providing the “big picture,” of Bible Concepts & what God is doing, we link major sectors of truth: Word, Spirit, prayer, prophecy, politics, current events, Hebrew Roots, home-congregations, etc., which collectively point to Yahshua’s Life taking hold & manifesting within a people. Here faith flows into action, the fruitfulness of His Kingdom comes forth, and all of creation begins to change…begins to be set free. It is a transition of the Ages we are witnessing. It is exciting to be aware of what’s going on, and to know our parts in being engaged in God’s Plan of victorious restoration. 

The various home assemblies have many things in common, but what really stands out is that they are not under one-leader, and no one church ministry can take the credit. In fact, these home congregations are almost entirely outside of the church system as we’ve known it. There are no salaries, no “church” buildings to support, no programs, no ministries or denominations in control. There are no 501(c)3 government entanglements. It is all truly led by Yahshua’s Spirit. Often they even meet in different homes in the same town or other towns from week to week. Although there are no official pastors, evangelists, teachers, prophets or apostles; instead the people operate in those roles variously as the Spirit leads. The head of the home of course sets the standard for that home. Meals are often shared, and they tend to be all-day events, or nearly so, (because no one wants to leave these fountains of life).

The home congregations that we’ve attended have been vibrant, alive, with lots of participation by nearly all. People travel long distances to attend, not wanting to miss the numerous things shared by His Spirit working through the many believers. It really is like the early church in the book of Acts. Each one has something to add as they all participate.

So what does this home congregations movement mean? It is a transition from the church systems of man to the dynamic networking of His called-out ones through home groups by His Spirit. It is part of the separation of tares from wheat, the great awakening of the end of the age, and the final harvest. These three fronts of home congregations are really just variations of a bigger picture of God waking up His Bride. 

God is also using other means to connect His people as we grow up into maturity in Yahshua (Jesus). “Growing up” involves “leaving behind.” It is all part of His purging the tares from the wheat. Other ways where His Light & His truth converge include through phone prayer meetings, through patriotism, through political conservatism, through the prophetic movement, and even Trump Rallies. There is so much more to share on this, but the purpose of this blog is just to share awareness of something that God is doing now in a major way. 

Eric J Ellis

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