Current Events
with Spiritual Insight

Selective current events related items with spiritual insight will be posted as Yeshua’s Spirit leads.

Current Events with Spiritual Insight

Why Believers Must Vote, Part 1

There are many reasons why believers must vote. This study focuses on scripture to show where we are commanded to vote (make our decision known based on good knowledge), so that truth, justice and peace will prevail where we live. This is part 1, with hopefully several more to follow. Each part will target another scriptural basis for why believers must vote.

Prayer of Repentance for Mistreatment of Women

The targeted focus of this prayer is to lead men into repentance for the mistreatment of women in their lives; mothers, sisters, daughters, but especially the wives. The marriage union is the classic expression of Yahshua's life in a people, His Bride. The core of an awakening is specific repentance, and the awakening is what God is doing now.

Prophetic Perspective of Current Events

Current events are more fully understood when seeing them through "the big picture" of what God is doing. He has a plan. He is in control. The motive of His plan is love. Read how the current events fit in. Written in mid-April, 2019, the big picture will hold steady to the end.

Prayer Chart of Judicial Branch of the United States

The three parts of rulership for a godly government (kingdom) are outlined in Isaiah 33:22. They are Judge, Lawgiver, & King. This chart outlines the structure of the part for Judges in the United States and includes the names of the Supreme Court Justices. Updated 9-21-19.

Prayer Chart of Overview of USA Government

Here we have the structure of the USA Government based on the Scriptures. It serves as a handy reference chart for prayer. This chart is just an overview and does not have room to post individuals' names. The previous posting of "Prayer Chart of the Executive Branch" however provides specific names for that branch of the tree, as does our "Prayer Chart of the Judicial System."

Map of States with State Phone Prayer Calls

The Holy Spirit is stirring His people to pray & intercede for the USA & Israel & the world. He is networking us. Besides the national prayer call, there are now 46 states that have regular phone prayer meetings. Also, Canada, England, Australia, & NZ have their own. Go to and click on "Prayer Calls", to find your state to get the phone info. Strike Force is associated with prophet Mark Taylor.
Updated 12-19-19.

Options to the 501(c)3

The 501(c)3 was a trap by Democrats to muzzle the church. It's bait was to offer a tax deduction. The church was lured, coerced, & deceived into this trap when it already had tax deduction with full 1st Amendment rights! It's time to wake up and learn the 4 options on how to legally organize a ministry!
It is 10-pages long.
Source is

Beware of the 501(c)3

Find out what the 501(c)3 is. Don’t be uninformed, misinformed or willfully ignorant on this important spiritual issue. Proverbs 18:13,15,17 exhorts us to gather all of the facts and then consider them carefully before becoming set in our ways. At this time more truth is being revealed. People are becoming aware of the purpose of the 501(c)3 as a bribe to silence God’s people.

Prayer Chart of Executive Branch of USA

Our government is founded on Isaiah 33:22, where God is Judge & Lawgiver & King. God governs in the affairs of man on the basis of His ways (Lawgiver/Congress), Judging according to His ways (Supreme Court), and Executing those ways as King (President). The only other country (I’m told), with this scriptural system of government is Israel. This Chart is a basic outline of the structure & people of authority within the Executive Branch for prayer guidance.
Updated 3-21-20 to add John Ratcliffe as head of NI.

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