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Reviews of Bible Reference Works

Over the years, the Lord has blessed us with dozens of treasured Bible reference books in our library. This page is to introduce readers to summaries of some of these great resources. They are a tremendous help in our research of the Word, so it is fun to share them with you. This page will expand in time.

There is no particular order of importance, since digging into the Word is as His Spirit leads. He reveals the truth at a faster pace as we transition from the Age of Grace and Truth into the Kingdom Age of the Son. As we transition, we come into more light, and as we do, He is through that knitting His Body together as never before!

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Books & Studies By Others

The Bible Concepts’ Lessons are just meant to help us see the big picture in broad overviews. The resources on this page however expound on some of the Lessons from the perspective of others.

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