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We do not need another “revival.” There will not be another “revival.” What we need is Jesus Christ ruling and reigning on Earth in people and through people with those people in the resurrection power and love of the Lord. Then, will all the governments of man blow away like chaff to never return. And then will all men seek the Lord…billions of them. That is what I mentioned on the closing page of Lesson No. 7. I referred to the fulfillment of Elijah’s little cloud rising on the horizon (we are seeing that now), and growing to produce a terrific rainstorm. It is the unfolding of Isaiah 9:7…His ever-expanding, peaceful government will never end… (TLB).

This is what Arthur Burt’s prophecy spoke of when it concluded with “And there shall be no ebb!” The prophecy itself is on page 48 of the book.

Eric J. Ellis

Paperback copies may also be purchased from Arthur Burt’s website here.

Studies by Arthur Burt

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