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All of Jackie’s available studies can be found at her web site at A hard copy of her book is also available for sale from Amazon.

Jackie Caporaso is an inspiring friend who has been instrumental in the launching of Bible Concepts. Her writings are known as a current word that the Lord is speaking during this time of our transition from the old to the new creation in Christ. The Lord speaks frequently to her in dreams and has given her a keen sensitivity to understanding what the Spirit is speaking through them. The thread of her calling to this walk in Christ is found in the memoirs that are compiled in the book. Follow this thread and you’ll discover that the book is far more than the story of a young war bride that survived Nazi-occupied France.

Eric J. Ellis

Studies by Jackie Caporaso

Of Man and Beasts

Rise Above the Flood

Spiritual Blindness

Angel Food

Zion and Jerusalem

The Renewing of our Minds

We Are What We Eat

The Last Phase of Our Long Journey Home


Dividing Asunder

No. 329

Revisiting Our Foundation

No. 328

Uncovering the Hidden Treasures

No. 327

God's Unchangeable Promise

No. 326

Conquering and to Conquer

No. 325

The Lord is My Rock My Fortress and My Deliverer

No. 324

The Guests of the Marriage Supper

No. 323

Behold I Create New Heavens and a New Earth

No. 322

Jerusalem From Above

No. 321

One Man, One Nation, One World, Under God

No. 320

New Garments
for the Sons

No. 319

Precious Blood
of Christ

No. 318

God's Blueprints

No. 317

The Mystery
of Christ in You

No. 316

Search Me O God
and Know My Heart

No. 315

The Bread, The Wine, The Body

No. 314

Leaving All Behind... Let Us go on to Perfection

No. 313

Now Abides Faith, Hope and Charity

No. 312

The Body of the Incorruptible Seed

No. 311

The Desolation of Nations

No. 310

The Suffering of Sons

No. 309

When God Avenges the Blood of His Saints

No. 308

4 Beasts of Daniel 7

No. 307

His Truth is Marching On

No. 306

Conquerors or Grasshoppers

No. 305

Witnesses to the Truth

No. 304

High Ones on High

No. 303

The Last Word of the Last Trump

No. 302

Unto Us a Son Is Given

No. 301

Beauty for Ashes

No. 300

The Rising Son Within

No. 299

Unmasking the Man of Sin

No. 298

Our Great High Priest

No. 297

The Horses are Here!

No. 296

The Clouds of Heaven & the Underground Church

No. 295

Zion and Jerusalem

No. 294

Be Strong and of Good Courage

No. 293

The Veil is Rent in Two

No. 292

The Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty!

No. 291

Time To Add Benjamin

No. 290

Buy The Truth And Sell It Not

No. 289

Good and Evil Working Together For God

No. 288

The Day of Fire

No. 287

He That Overcometh

No. 286

God Still Loves The World

No. 285

When The Spirit Of God Lights Our Candle

No. 284

Ascending and Descending

No. 283

Of Life and Immortality

No. 282

Alpha and Omega

No. 281

The Bride, The Woman, The Wire Church...

No. 280

The Living, Breathing Tabernacle (wrap up)

No. 279

The Living, Breathing Tabernacle (4)

No. 278

The Living, Breathing Tabernacle (3)

No. 277

The Living, Breathing Tabernacle (2)

No. 276

The Living, Breathing Tabernacle (1)

No. 275

The Angel of Revelation 10

No. 274

John Saw the City

No. 273

The Rise and Fall of the Image

No. 272

Esau Subdued

No. 271

Rise Up and Possess Your Land

No. 270

Abba Father!

No. 269

When Michael Stands Up!

No. 268

Our God Is A Consuming Fire

No. 267

Thy Sons Shall Marry Thee...

No. 266

Time To Crush The Dragon

No. 265

The New Covenant In My Blood

No. 264

Benjamin My Cup Is In Your Sack

No. 263

The Joseph Move

No. 262

The Jacob Journey

No. 261

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

No. 260

Witnesses of His Resurrection

No. 259

On The Narrow Way

No. 258

Go Subdue and Have Dominion

No. 257

This Mortal Must Put on Immortality

No. 256

No Greater Love

No. 255

A Life-Giving Mission

No. 254

The House That Jesus Built

No. 253

Two Wings of a Great Eagle

No. 252

Feed My Lambs

No. 251

A Short Work Will The Lord Make Upon The Earth

No. 250

Square Edge God All in All

No. 249

The Two Witnesses - Who Are They? (Part 3)

No. 248

The Two Witnesses - Who Are They? (Part 2)

No. 247

The Two Witnesses - Who Are They? (Part 1)

No. 246

The Sublime Promise

No. 245

Jesus As We See Him Now

No. 244

Baptism of Repentance

No. 243

The Heart of the Shulamite

No. 242

Of Twain One New Man (Eph. 2: 15)

No. 241

First Love

No. 240

Jesus Opened The Book

No. 239

Going to Fathers House

No. 238

A Stone Of Stumbling

No. 237

The Way To The Tree Of Life

No. 236

The Knowledge Of The Glory Of God Shall Fill The Earth

No. 235

The Bread The Wine The Elect

No. 234

The Serpents Masterpiece

No. 233

The Fall Of The Image

No. 232

The Last Shall Be First

No. 231

Let Us Go On To Perfection

No. 230

Wheat and Tares

No. 229

Casting The Decisive Vote

No. 228

To Know Who The Son Of Man Is

No. 227

Unto Immortality

No. 226

He That My Soul Loveth

No. 225

We Walk With God

No. 224

The Serpent In The Tree

No. 223

The Journey Of The Seed

No. 222

The Woman Clothed With the Sun

No. 221

It is Written of Me

No. 220

Thou Art a Priest Forever-PR

No. 220-PR

Being Built Unto an Holy Temple

No. 219

Our Journey with His Blood

No. 218

I Hear an Abundance of Rain

No. 217

Blow the Trumpet in Zion

No. 216

The Omega Hour

No. 215

I Will Go

No. 214

He Restoreth My Soul

No. 213

A Pure Word and a Clear Vision

No. 212

From the Bride to the Great White Throne

No. 211

Four Beasts Out of the Sea

No. 210

I Have a Dream to Share

No. 209

Begotten and Begotten Again

No. 208

Conformable to His Death

No. 207

The Bridegroom The Bride The Manchild

No. 206

An Apostle Out of Due Season

No. 205

What House Will You Build for Me?

No. 204

Saved in Childbearing

No. 203

The Cloud of Glory

No. 202

Our Hope of Glory

No. 201

The Fiery Red Dragon

No. 169

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