Some things stand out in every major step in God’s progressive plan of restoration. What becomes evident during every major step is the flooding of more vision, more understanding, more light, more truth, and more righteousness. This pattern will continue to cycle until all things are subdued to His Son, and His glory covers the entire Earth. The increased Light always does the three things that are the message of Zechariah 2. Please see our study, “A Super Blue Blood Moon.” What are those things?

1. Corruption exposed.
2. His people set free.
3. Clear choice between tares and wheat draws multitudes to Him.

The prophetic words are now flowing so fast, and in harmony with what He is doing at this time, that we felt to share a few of them with you. Be aware that the messages are often a rude awakening because as He wakes up, His bride to arise and shine. We often see that things are not as we were taught when we were asleep in religious circles. The prophecies are shofar sounds to help guide us through this harvest of the ages.

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