Mark Taylor

“Mark Taylor, a retired fireman from Florida began to receive messages supernaturally from God in 2011. The first one was that Donald Trump would be raised by God to become President of the United States. The prophecy detailed as to why God was going to do that. Since then, Mark has received about a dozen more prophetic words, many of which have begun to unfold on target. Examples are that the USA would become energy independent, the elimination of ISIS, and the replacement of 5 Supreme Court Justices. We are in process of posting his prophecies here. He has also co-authored a book with Mary Colbert called, “The Trump Prophecies”, which details the background of all of his messages up to the date of publication. It is a very encouraging “must read” to help get a good grasp on what God is doing at this time. It is very different than the traditional religious gloom & doom that we’ve been taught.”

Eric J Ellis

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