Mary & Ernie Kroeger

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There are 22 chapters to the Book of Revelation in the Bible. “Revelation, Unveiling the Symbolism,” is also 22 chapters; each one explains the corresponding chapter from Revelation in the Bible.

When we read Revelation, it is clear from the beginning that it is about “the revealing of the Messiah.” It also becomes clear that it is a book of picture symbols. The Kroegers display what the symbols represent. They used the original Greek (from which our English translations were made), overlapped with other confirming scriptures, to display the meaning of these symbols. This book of mysteries becomes very legible once religious traditions are put aside and we read the Word for what it says. Mary & Ernie Kroeger’s book is a great trail-guide for this journey.

Eric J Ellis

A paperback copy plus an e-book copy of this book is available on Amazon in the USA, Canada, and other countries (in their currencies), at cost. The book also may be downloaded as a PDF above at no cost.


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