Garrison Russell

755 pages

Yes, this book is controversial. And yes, there are a few things within that we “put on a shelf.” But we read this book because it was recommended to us by someone in whom we could see the life of Christ. Plowing into the book was like chewing through the rind of a watermelon. We persisted believing that there was a reward within and was there ever!”

Once Mary Elizabeth was into the book, she read it cover-to-cover in a week. She was so quickened by it that the following week she read it again. I am a slower reader, but after enduring some early parts of the book I too soon had it devoured. The book is not for everyone. Certainly not for those who don’t hear the call to Sonship. But for those of us who want to press on in Christ, it is a tremendous resource.

Garrison Russell tackles the tough questions head-on bringing forth the sovereignty of God in all things, even the things that are most disturbing to us. Every major concept that I’ve touched on in Bible Lessons is found here. Join us in the adventure of this book. It is like following a running deer on stepping stones of scripture through a river of life.

Eric J. Ellis

We do not have an electronic copy available for this website, but a paperback copy may be requested by writing to:

Our Place
3912 Cedar Creek Road
Colville, WA 99114

Those of us who write to Our Place should take the time to say a bit about the Lord in our lives and why we feel led to read this book. They do not typically charge. However, they do request feedback once having finished the book. Garrison passed to the other side in 2013, but his family will handle the order.

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