Miles Wylie Albright

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What a fun book to read! 

We all have noticed the contrasts between Saul & David, but this author exposes so much more, and all from the Word & Spirit. The hidden truths brought out are amazing nuggets chewed with great delight, for they bring the satisfying  flavor of  greater understanding. How could I have missed so much in this familiar tale over the years?  In many ways it is like reading the life of David for the first time.

At its core, the drama is really about the very struggle in ourselves as the Messiah is raised up to take His rightful rule within…not just to bring our own souls into order, but then to reach out through us to bring restoration to a hurting creation. The choice is clear. Will our path be directed by seeking to please men or by seeking to please God? There is a cost to each way.

Eric J. Ellis

A paperback copy of this book may be ordered (while supplies last), free of charge by writing to:

Sons to Glory

131 Wyeth Drive

Harvest, AL 35749

The book can also be read on the author’s website, 2733 Ranch, and Sons to Glory.

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