“This is the last of 15 books that Bonnie wrote before she passed to the other side in 2012. The covers (with descriptions) of her other 14 books can be viewed at https://www.sonstoglory.com, (but they will need to be ordered from your local bookstore or online dealer). Also at this site is a biographical sketch of Bonnie, plus 18 of her studies which are also below. Her 18 studies may be viewed, printed, or downloaded for free at that site and here as well.

We have all of her books. In addition we printed all of her studies and organized them into a notebook. I have read all of her books and studies. She is one of my favorite authors. The Lord gifted her with insight into decoding number patterns in the Hebrew & Greek texts of the Bible. She has a unique way of making it easy to understand for us today. This last book provides depth of revelation into what is ahead while Christ comes forth in a people…a transformation within at this transition time into the Millennium Age. “

Eric J. Ellis

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