In the Cool of the Day

In the Cool of the Day

Sometimes His Spirit within quickens a truth. Here’s one that He just gave to me, and I felt to share this fun nugget with you.

We read in Genesis 3:8 in most translations that after Adam & his wife sinned, God  sought them out “in the cool of the day.” Actually the Hebrew word for “cool” is Strong’s No. 7307, which really means “wind” or “spirit.” It is in that realm that we have the best communication with Him. But truth shines in many nuances of meaning, and it is there with “cool” as well. It came to me that “the cool of the day” is BOTH at the time of sunrise and at the time of sunset…the morning and the evening. Then suddenly other scriptures could be seen to overlap that thought.

The daily sacrifice was both in the morning and in the evening. These are also called the ascending offerings. Whenever we meet with Him, we are to continue our spiritual journey, our spiritual growth onward & upward by grace through faith in Him. God seeks to cover us at the beginning of our days, and at the end of our days. He seeks to bless us in our going out, and in our coming in. He seeks to bless us in our lying down and in our getting up. He desires to position us to be the head, and not the tail. He wants us to follow as He leads us to become overcomers above our circumstances, and not beneath.

So take heart, be strong and of good courage, for whether we are entering the day or bringing closure to it, we enter into His fellowship, His strength, His guidance, His nature, and His rest. He is our daily bread, and His love & mercy are new every morning. He goes before us, and He is our rear guard. He makes a way where there is no other way.

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