Intro to the 4-Postings since the last Blog, including prophetic outlook for 2018

These are the items posted since our last blog entry.  The study that we have just posted unveils the meaning of the 5 very unusual full moons that we notice between January 30th, 2018 and January 19th, 2019. You’ll see in this study the unfolding of a prophecy in Zechariah during the 2nd year of President Donald Trump. And the most unusual of those full moons is on January 30th, the date of the delivery of the state of the union by the President. His speech is a prophetic statement of what he envisions for our country by January 21st, 2019, which marks the beginning of his third year as President.

The new Lesson, “God’s Plan, Seeing the Big Picture” is unusual. How? In that it provides an overview of ALL of the Lessons from the perspective of the “big picture”. It is very helpful for providing a frame of reference when reading any of the Lessons. This “Introductory Lesson” is also unusual in that it is only 8-pages plus a cover in length, and lacks diagrams except for the cover. It is Lesson number “00”, and is found before Lesson No. 01.

The review of Young’s Literal Translation is very important to read for anyone who is just starting out to explore the Word in a more-than-surface way. It’s a real eye-opener for sure!

We have also posted Jackie’s latest study. Starting with this study she is having a Logo which we love. It shows birds on a wire and has the words, “The Wire Church — Staying in Touch”. This study shows the Logo but not a title. If titled, it would be “Our Great High Priest”.   It is a general sharing of various points that the Spirit has prompted her to share. We appreciate her insights & sharing.

We so love the calling to provide these studies to you, and we thank you so much for how you continue to share with us the studies, words, prophecies, dreams, visions, books, & articles that the Spirit has brought to your attention. It is all part of the vibrancy and life of Christ in the “Wire Church” network.

Eric & Mary Elizabeth Ellis

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