Bonnie Gaunt’s Last Writings Posted

Bonnie Gaunt passed away in 2012. Her life’s work includes the writing of 15 books, all of which have a focus on the astounding number of patterns in the Scriptures. These number patterns have been hidden in the Hebrew and Greek texts.  Here is how they have been hidden. For each of those languages, each letter also has a number value. The value for each letter is listed in Dictionaries of those languages. They are also listed in Bonnie’s books.

The significance of each letter having a number value is that the letters of a word can be added up.  That way each word is seen to also have a number value.  This of course holds true for phrases, and for sentences too. Bonnie (like Ivan Panin and others before her), discovered that words and phrases and verses that spoke of the same things also had the same number values or factors or multiples of those values. These patterns shed light on many scriptures, such as why certain numbers are mentioned in the Bible. For instance, why specifically does it mention  “153 large fish” caught in the net from John 21:11? We find her explanation on page 116 of her book, “The Coming of Jesus”.

In the two to three years before Bonnie’s passing, she also wrote 18 studies. These studies have been available at Sons to Glory. Now they are also available free on our website. We find them on Bonnie’s page under “Books & Studies by Others.” Some of her studies focus on the year 2033, the building of a new temple, Israel’s place in the Plan of God, and the sign of the two sons of Isaiah.

May Bonnie’s studies be the blessing to you that they are to us.

Eric & Mary Elizabeth Ellis

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